Hunter Hack

The following video is of a Hunter Hack horse.

2007 NC State Fair Open Hunter Hack

Carol Merritt and Leavinem Speechless 1st place under both judges Open Hunter Hack 2007 NC State Fair.

The AQHA rule book has the following to say about a Hunter Hack Horse.


(a) The hunter hack horse should move in the same style as a
working hunter. The class will be judged on style over fences, even
hunting pace, flat work, manners and way of going. The poll should
be level with, or slightly above the withers, to allow proper impulsion
behind. The head should not be carried behind the vertical, giving
the appearance of intimidation, or be excessively nosed out, giving a
resistant appearance.

(b) Horses are first required to jump two fences, two feet three
inches (68.5 cm) to three feet (90 cm). However, if the jumps are set
on a line they are recommended to be in increments of 12 feet (3.5
meters) but adjusted to no less than two strides. A ground line is recommended for each jump.

(c) Horses being considered for an award are then to be shown
at a walk, trot and canter both ways of the ring with light contact.

(d) At the discretion of the judge, contestants may be asked to
hand gallop, pull up or back and stand quietly following the last fence.

(e) When necessary to split large classes by running more than
one go-round, finalists must both be rejumped and reworked on the flat.

(f) Placing for the class shall be determined by allowing a min214
imum of 70 percent for individual fence work and a maximum of
30 percent for work on the flat.

(g) Faults over fences will be scored as in working hunter class.
Horses eliminated in over fence portion of the class shall be disqualified.
See rules 461(d)(e)(f ). Faults (to be scored accordingly, but not
necessarily cause disqualification during the rail work) include:

(1) Being on wrong lead and/or wrong diagonal at the trot
(2) Excessive speed (any gait)
(3) Excessive slowness (any gait)
(4) Breaking gait
(5) Failure to take gait when called
(6) Head carried too low or too high
(7) Nosing out or flexing behind the vertical
(8) Opening mouth excessively
(9) Stumbling

(h) Faults, which will be cause for disqualification, except in
novice amateur or novice youth classes, which shall be faults, scored
according to severity:

(1) Head carried too low (such that the poll is below the
withers consistently).
(2) Over-flexing or straining neck in head carriage so the
nose is carried behind the vertical consistently.