Pleasure Driving

Footage from the 2008 AQHA World Show Senior Pleasure Driving. Hot Diggity Joe and Ellen Jost were 4th.

Judges Nancy Sue Ryan and Stephanie Lynn both placed him FIRST! He was the ONLY horse in the class that placed first on 2 cards.

Pleasure Driving according to the AQHA Rule Book.


(a) A pleasure driving horse should carry himself in a natural
balanced position with a relaxed head and neck. His poll should be
level with, or slightly above the level of the withers.

(b) Maximum credit should be given to a horse that moves
straight, with free movement, manners and a bright expression.

(c) The horse shall be severely penalized if he carries his head
behind the vertical, is overflexed, excessively nosed out, the poll is
below the withers or exhibits lack of control by exhibitor.

(d) This class will be judged 80 percent on the horse’s performance
and suitability for assuring a pleasurable drive, with a maximum
of 20 percent on condition and conformation.

(e) Horses must be shown with natural American Quarter
Horse hoofs and standard shoes. No extended hoofs, heavy shoes or
toe weights allowed.

(f) Horses shall enter the ring in the same direction. Each horse
shall then be exhibited at the walk, park gait and road gait in both
directions of the show ring.

The recommended class procedure is walk, park gait, road gait, park gait and walk. Consistently showing too far off the rail shall be penalized according to severity. At the direction of the ring steward, such change of direction shall be accomplished by the horses crossing the show ring on the diagonal while walking only.

(g) Each horse shall also be required to back easily and straight
and stand quietly.

(h) No exhibitor shall drive a horse while standing, kneeling or
using a seat extension in the cart at any time. An exhibitor may
momentarily rise if circumstances warrant.

No horse shall be unbridled or unattended while hooked to a cart. Excessive noise making by exhibitors shall be penalized according to severity.