Showmanship Clinic

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My Arabian mare Zadee Brae Hope (age 21) and I participate in a showmanship clinic at the East Side All Breed Clinic & Schooling Show April 1-2, 2006. The clinician is Tim Wigren. I was six months pregnant at this show.


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  1. Krystal Davies Says:

    I knew Tim Wigren quite well a few years ago and though he may be informational I sent my horse to him for training? and I showed up unannounced after about 2 weeks and I found my horse was bloody from head to toe…. ok a little exagerated but he had bloody quarter size spur marks on his sides, a large gouge in his chest (blood and fat showing) and a very large cut under his tail (about 3/4 to 1 inch deep) it was horrible!


  2. Lappedykker2980 Says:

    yeah it deffo was a great experience ! And my young mare learn a lot as well ! I had a friend to help me out, and she’s good.. so we just did it for fun, and I knew I wouldnt win..? so I didnt get disapointed (:


  3. 0purple0oranges0 Says:

    wow i never relized you posted that so long ago lol…at least you tired tho would have been a good experience weather u won or not. and its just another thing to try? and train your horse in. somthing to do


  4. Lappedykker2980 Says:

    hehe.. thanks a lot ! Though I wrote this last year when I was about to learn it in the states, I was an exchange student there last year.. so did do it and went to a show, but we didnt do very well, we hadnt had enough time training, but it was deffo fun to try.. and ure right, its a good thing? for the horse (:


  5. 0purple0oranges0 Says:

    youll lov it!…alot of? people at my barn thinks its boring but its a good thing to teach the horse right…that and you get another class to place in to right…good luck with training thats the funnest part 😛


  6. Lappedykker2980 Says:

    Hiya ! Thanks for the video ! I’m just about to? learn showmanship with my little arabian mare:p So help a little bit :b


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